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Anti-Fatigue Footwear Insoles
Patent #7913423 & other patents pending

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Arch Support
Anatomically designed arch provides support and stability.
Performance Cushioning
Full length Ergosert
technology layer is laboratory certified to provide superior cushioning to fight fatigue.

Anti-Blister Top

Keeps feet cooler, drier, & less prone to fatigue and blisters.
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Extra Support System
  The anatomically shaped arch support and heel cup combine to deliver extra support and stability.
Fatigue Fighting Cushioning  
  Ergosert™ technology is laboratory certified to have the same ergonomic properties as premium industrial anti-fatigue matting. 
Ergosert™ material is lightweight and durable, it does not harden like PVC foam, does not breakdown like latex foam or take a compression set like EVA foam.
Ergonomic Tuned Cushioning
  Ergonomic tuned cushioning is based on foot size and weight.
Anti-Blister Top Cover
  By controlling the amount the foot slides across the insole's surface, the anti-blister top cover helps prevent blisters and keeps feet cooler & drier.
Fights Odors
  The Ergosert™ antimicrobial in the top cover helps keep the insole top odor free.
Versatile Fit and Use
  Ergobuddy® insoles will fit boots, hiking, casual, and athletic shoes.  They are performance insoles to be used all day for standing, walking, or running.
PVC & Latex Free Insoles
Fitting: Remove the existing insole and slide the new Ergo Comfort Insoles into your shoes.  If your new insoles need to be trimmed, use a pen and trace the old insole's shape (forefoot part only) on the bottom side of the new insole.  Carefully cut the new Ergo Comfort insoles with scissors and place them in your shoes.
Ergobuddy® and Ergosert™ are trademarks of Johnson Technologies Corporation.
This product is guaranteed for one year against defects.  If you have questions or comments, please contact Johnson Technologies Corporation, 2034 Pittway Drive, Nashville, Tenn 37207    1-800-229-1930         Ergosert™ technology is Made in the USA
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