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Ergobuddy® Therapy Platforms w/Diamond Plate Top
Patent# D441,093

The 21st century therapeutic solution for "Anti-fatigue matting".
  • Robust design achieves optimum performance, comfort, and ergonomic protection.
  • Therapeutic relief of muscles/joint aches, fatigue and discomfort.
  • Three mats combined in one with sealed closed cell foam for maximum comfort and long lifespan.
  • Therapy platforms DO NOT roll up, curl up, bunch up, snake, walk or shift because they have a "backbone" or more rigid bottom laminate layer yielding a safer product.
  • High-tech sure footed traction, flame retardant, housekeeping friendly.
  • Available in sizes (widths 2' - 5'; lengths 5' - 20') or to your specifications (also available in modules).
  • Terrific Shock attenuation and compression deflection.
  • Increases productivity, quality, morale, health and safety.

ErgoBuddy - The Wise Choice

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Patent # D441,093
2x2 Part #EB22TP 3x8 Part #EB38TP
2x3 Part #EB23TP 3x10 Part #EB310TP
2x4 Part #EB24TP 3x12 Part #EB312TP
2x5 Part #EB25TP 3x20 Part# EB320TP
2x6 Part #EB26TP 4x4 Part #EB44TP
2x7 Part #EB27TP 4x5 Part #EB45TP
2x8 Part #EB28TP 4x6 Part #EB46TP
2x9 Part #EB29TP 4x8 Part #EB48TP
2x10 Part #EB210TP 4x10 Part #EB410TP
2.5x10 Part #EB2.510TP 5x5 Part #EB55TP
2x12 Part #EB212TP 5x6 Part #EB56TP
2.5x12 Part #EB2.512TP 5x7 Part #EB57TP
2x20 Part #EB220TP 5x8 Part #EB58TP
3x3 Part #EB33TP 5x10 Part #EB510TP
3x4 Part #EB34TP 6x6 Part #EB66TP
3x5 Part #EB35TP 6x10 Part #EB610TP
3x6 Part #EB36TP    
3x7 Part #EB37TP    

1. Volume Discounts are as follows: 50-150 units @ 3%, 150+ units @ 5%.
2. Therapy Platform models come with four-sided yellow tapered vinyl extrusions which add 7" to width and 7" to length of the platform.
3. Prices shown include a two year product warranty.
4. Custom sizes are available. (Please call 1-800-229-1930)
5. Prices shown in U.S. Currency, F.O.B. Nashville, TN USA.

Made in the USA
***Johnson Technologies Corporation reserves the right to adjust prices and alter product design without notice***


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